Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well I have to vent. I really didn't have a good morning. I know that it could be worse but it was still a bit frustrating for us.
As I said in yesterdays post, T-Bone had an appt with my ENT today. Well I got a call from his associates office yesterday saying that he was no longer taking appts at his office that we go to in N. Dallas.
So they told me that I could bring him in to their Greenville office and see him there at the same appt time. I did ask why at this time but she said that she didn't know and that they had just told her to make the calls.
So a grudgingly said yes since it was a recheck and I wanted to make sure his ear was healed. Well we went to the appt and got there on time. When I walked up to the reception's desk I was informed that Dr. Sule was no longer working with them. What?! I did forget to tell you that I had been informed via mail from his associates that he would be leaving them on April the 30th. I was going to ask about it when I went in for T-Bones recheck. So something fishy was going on here and no body is telling me anything. Well I was on the spot. I again asked why and no body had any answers for me. They then told me that they (the other doctors) would be happy to see him if I was ok with that. At the moment my answer was yes. I just got the kids up and drove all the way out here! Yes I'm going to see someone! So there I waited in the waiting room. luckily and sweet little boy came in with his mom and Bubby had someone to play with at the children's area. Finally they called our name and we went back. They didn't seem to know why we was there. They thought it was for an ear infection. We then got placed in a room and waited and waited and waited. Now I don't know how some of you feel about waiting but I am a bear about it at a Dr's office. I mean thats WHY I make an appt to begin with! I understand that things come up and sometimes they can run behind but you better come in and tell me about it. Well while waiting I had some time to think about what just happened. Why didn't they call me and tell me that Dr. Sule was not there BEFORE I drove out here? I felt a bit tricked. So I loaded up my sons and out of the room we went. I walked up to the desk and stated that I was not going to wait any longer (My appt was at 10:15 and it was now 11:45 and the boys were losing their minds and so was I) they then asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I must have given them a look to kill because they just kind of stopped moving and looked down to the ground. I calmly (yes calmly but firmly) said no and that I wanted my co payment refunded. They apologized and then I explained that I was a bit frustrated with the fact that was running through hoops to have my son rechecked and nobody seemed to able to tell me why.
During all this time I have to admit that I am at the "hormonal" time of my month. Not good at all. I was proud of my self control to be honest. Thank you Jesus!
I left and decided that the boys needed a treat for being so patient so we went to the closest Chick fil A's. That too proved to be a great test of my patience! I wonder just how much that place brings in annually? :) Located at Greenville Ave. and Walnut Hill they must have been the only one in Dallas because everyone in Dallas was there!! Yikes.
Well we picked up our chicken and headed home. 3 1/2 hours wasted. We had a nice lunch and then all laid down and took a nap! I was a great way to end the morning and start new in the afternoon!
Oh yeah, did I tell you that I got a card in the mail from the associates of my ObGyn? They told me as of April the 1st, Dr. Bascom (my doctor) is no longer with them. What's going on here?
Daddy Dude suspects that there must of been some sort of Doctor's sting operation going on and all my docs where involved :)


The Joys of having Boys said...

What a day!! I am with daddy dude on this one, something is fishy.

Stephanie said...

Bummer - I can't believe you were there 1 1/2 hours and still no Doctor to check in on yall! Glad you got a nap in after all that!