Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sean's 5th Birthday!

Today was Sean's 5th Birthday! Can't believe he is 5 now. He woke up to some presents that we had left out for him sitting by the fireplace. He slowly woke up and relized what the day was after I asked him how old he was. He rubbed his eyes and said 5! Brother got him a BubbleBee transformer costume. Also got a new supply of playdough with a transformer station, Bubblebee car, Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels truck with changable parts and whole bag of goodies from a visit with Grandma. Also had breakfast at the donut place and dinner at Napoli's. It was a fun busy day today. Happy Birthday Sean. I hope you have a great year being 5! Sleep good and tomorrow can be another day of playing with you new toys :) Love you, Mommy.