Saturday, March 5, 2016

Major update ;)

Since my last post, a lot of changes have happened.
One of the biggest ones is that we moved to Northern California. Though my hubby moved away from our small home town of Garland, Texas after joining the Navy, I never did leave Dallas county.
I can't say that I thought I ever would leave but the mind and heart sometimes changes after you grow older. I suppose I might be a bit backward but I feel the need to take chances now. When you realize that once you reach a certain age, time is shorter than it's ever been here on earth. And the chances of staying grow shorter with each year that passes. I've grown tired alright. Tired of living in fear of the unknown and the undone. I want to push past all the fear in my life. Though it was sad to leave the only place and friends I've known, I was happy to spread my wings out and do some flying. We moved to San Jose, California in August 2014. I found that moving was like grieving. At first I was just sad, at times heartbroken for my old ways and place. I can remember just crying at times in the most inappropriate places. I felt like no body liked me that I was different than them. It didn't help that my hubby was working some insane hours at his new job at Apple and dealing with his own amount of super stress. I tried not to bother him to join my ride of emotions. Next came anger. I'm talking some serious thin skin here. I was like looking for someone to look at me wrong! lol. Traffic rage was becoming an issue. And while in the "anger" period, I learned that people tend to respect Texans here. We can and do come across as well, Christian defensive gun lovers (Sadly after stepping away from Texas, I can see some truth to this view). Anyway, I used that to my advantage. Especially in traffic. Even got a "Texas" magnet for the back of my Jeep. Hey, why not keep them guessing? Shame on me.
Then came some exception of my new surroundings and the people in it. After letting down my guard, I found that some people here were different and some were not. I figured out that life was bigger than I had once thought it to be. That it's not so "them against us" if that makes any sense. For me it really helped stop being so defensive and see how life is beyond my own backyard. People are people no matter where you are. Most work hard and care about their family and community even if political views differ. And I've made some friends. That always helps. To have someone to laugh and share with. I've now got neighbors that I know and like. Who would have known just how wonderful it is to wave at familiar faces while pulling in and out of my driveway? They have all taught me a lot about myself and opened my world up like never before. We too have brought our own Texas contributions here to them. I have found the people here to be very open and excepting to all kinds of people and beliefs. And they have a great way of doing it with respect. I really like that.