Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicken monster

Well we went to the local animal shelter and picked up a trap for whatever is scratching at the chicken coop at night. Whatever it was, it came out two nights in a row and made me nervous so I decided to see if we could trap it. I sent the trap up for 4 nights in a row with a yummy stinky tuna bait. Nothing. I think it was a Possum, we've been seeing alot of those guys lately. The scratch marks didn't belong to a cat and a Raccoon would have just unlocked the door! But don't think I've given up, I'm sleeping with one eye open.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A little tongue and cheek?

So they found a way to "express" themselves using Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads parts. How inventive don't you think?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taste like chicken..............

I got up this morning to let the girls out and noticed some serious claw marks on the coop doors. Something was doing some scratching around last night. I'm sure it's not a cat. I'm pretty sure it's Possum or maybe a Raccoon. I've been making sure I put the girls up right at dusk since I noticed our old outdoor cat Doug (he seems to have found a new home else where) crouched by the fence staring hard at them when it starts getting dark. Grown Chickens are quite able to defend themselves well in the daylight but are very night blind and are easy prey. I witnessed them chasing a grown cat one time when I drove up in the drive way after running errands. I never saw that cat again! I'll be locking them up tight from now on. Maybe I'll set a trap out and see what I get?
On another note, my under eyes are looking much better today. All of the redness and peeling seems to be gone and all that's left is some bruising. I put on some make up today and it looks great. I've taken pics and need to download them since there is no space on the camera anymore. I'm thinking about posting all of them on one post from beginning to end.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Restylane injections update

Well it's been two days since the injections. My left eye (the worst one) is holding up ok. But my right eye looks like the hollow on the outside is showing through again. I sure hope not just after two days! I've heard that sometimes when the inital swelling and bruising goes away things appear to be the same until the Restylane starts to adsorb water like it's suppose to. As for the bruising it's doesn't look pretty. It does look like it's yellowing a bit so it getting better. It's really hard not to be checking it out all the time in the mirror. I will be disappointed if it doesn't help that much but I knew all the possibles going into it. I always have my back up of thicker framed glasses that I ordered last weekend. ") Aging yuck.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Restylane injections

Well I did it. I got Restylane injections for my under eye hollowness. I've thought long and hard about this one. Since turning 40 I have the repeated comment of looking tired. I used to wear contacts but now wear glasses to hide my under eye flaw. After trying every and anything under the sun to correct this problem I realized that my issue was not under eye circles but a loss of fat in my tear trough area due to age and heredity that causes a shadow under my eye. Depending on the light, sometimes it's more noticable than other times. Evening is the worst since most lights are from above creating a nice ugly shadow that looks like huge eye bag! The struggle with getting the injections? It's cosmetic. It's expensive and temporary. Surgery is another opption but I'm not quite there yet. So Daddy let me get it done if I wanted. I wanted so I got. I felt a huge amount of guilt sitting there with a dab of cream under my eyes to numb them for the injections. I almost told them I changed my mind. I just couldn't stop thinking about how vain this all was and that some people didn't have food to eat. But as you know I went through with it. It only took about 15 sticks under each eye! No kidding. Good thing they numb you, though I did feel a couple. Ouch.
After it was done and I put some ice on it. After I was given a mirror. I was shocked but not surprised by some bruising from the sticks. But the big whole ditch was gone! I can't lie it was a great moment after fighting that thing so long with every cream, cosmedic thing that came in a jar. The bruising is not too bad and should be gone in a couple of days. I'll be icing it and using some herbs stuff to help with bruising and swelling. Next week I'll be going back for a check up.
How long should it last? Well could last for 8 months on the short end or a year on the longer. I've done alot of reshearch and it seems that it's different for everyone. Some with a higher metabolistion break the stuff down quicker like in a few months. I am of course hoping for the later lenght. We just have to see. I be posting pics after I get Daddy to download the one's from today.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!
We all thought it would be nice to all go out for breakfast instead of cooking one at home today. We went to one of our favorite breakfast places, Chubby's. Yes you read that right. It's called Chubby's. Nice name don't you think? It's a small home cooking kind of place that seems to LOVE children. We had a nice breakfast and I enjoyed not having to cook and clean.
We all traded our Valentine's cards and told each other how much we loved them. Daddy's home for a three day weekend! Yahooooo. It's much needed time to be with him since his been busy at work.
I got some stuff to make some Valentine cupcakes but I'm not sure we'll get to it. We still have alot of goodies left over from our playgroup party last Wednesday! Plus we don't need any sweet cupcakes laying around on the kitchen counter do we?
T-Bone and Daddy are taking a nap right now while Bubby and I are hanging out. He didn't want to nap today. Seems like the normal for him lately though it catches up with him and then he's a mess. I've tried to stop them altogether but he tells me that he still needs them so.........? I guess we are playing that one by ear. I think it's been an adjustment for him since Daddy's new job. Daddy leaves alot earlier now and he doesn't get spend any morning time with him like he did before and he misses it and gets up at the crack of dawn with him. It's messed up our schedule a bit.
So Daddy spends special time with him when he's home to hopefully help him through the adjustment. He's growing up so much! He's now getting himself in the van all by himself and making his favorite peanut, jelly and butter (peanut butter and jelly) as he calls them. He's seems to more capable than I think and amazes me when he proves me wrong. I suppose I still see him as my baby boy, and always will.
Anyway hope everyone has a great "Love" day today!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Whew! Daddy's back.

Ok. I now have a new appreciation for single parents out there! After spending a week being the only parent I'm spent! When you are the only parent/caregiver 24/7 it can be trying on one's mind. I love my boys and do cherish my time with them don't get me wrong. But it's nice to take a breath once in a while and have some come around and back me up. I suppose it would be different if I worked outside of the home and could get some "adult" time in there too. The only time I had to myself was at night after they were asleep for the night which meant staying up late to get some "me" time in. That didn't work out because it just made me tired and cranky for the next day! It backfired on me.
Anyhoo Daddy came home late last night to tell me about his 5 star dining/hotel experiences and share about the wonderful beaches. Thanks Dad. Oh me? I've just been hanging on to sanity by a thread and living off of whatever scrapes I could find around the house. OK, I'm kidding. But there was no lobster or seared Salmon with capers on my plate.
Well it seems as though Daddy may be doing some business travel this year. It did state that there was a 10% travel involved. But at the rate he is going it's looking more than 50% since he's only been there since December and have already gone out twice. Oh well it's part of the position. They are trying to get him integrated into the company and travel/training is just part of it for now. Maybe there is a way that I could use this to my advantage? Hum? Anyone up for a short trip to Mexico? ") Ok maybe for now I just get a massage tomorrow while he watches the boys!