Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for us.
Bubby is now a 2nd grader and I am attempting T Bone in Kindergarten all though he is three but will be 4 in October.
I'm excited and anxious as always. Wondering what the new year will hold for us and praying that God with give me the skills and wisdom that I need to be a good teacher this year.
With each new year I wonder if I can pull it off ")
I myself was one of the poorest students ever! I spent most of my student years lost in a system that was unwilling and unable to help me learn. Simply put, they just kept passing me to the next grade. I went all the way to High School without knowing my multiplications. After teaching math I realize why I was so lost. Math builds on it's self. And if you don't master what you are learning, you will not be able to master the next step. Well I'm learning what I didn't in my schooling now I suppose. lol
As I said before, God help us walk through this school year. Help me to pace myself and not just rush through and get it done. I want my boys to learn and enjoy learning.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bubby's training wheels are off!

After sitting outside in the nice warm sun today watching the boys ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk Bubby came to me with a request. He wanted me to remove his training wheels. My first though was "He can't be ready can he?". I told him that maybe we should let Daddy take the wheels off with his tools but he insisted that we could use his own tools that Daddy got for him. So he got them and I tried. To my surprise they came off very easy. He then took a few tries while I held the back and he only fell once and caught his self very well riding on the grass. No boo boos at all. Then he wanted to get on the sidewalk instead of the grass. He did and was off! Soon he was able to start himself off without my help. As I stood there behind him for the first time he rode all alone I felt a great joy and sadness all rolled up into one. My boy is growing up.
Sad note: I realized that this should have been a 'daddy' moment instead of me teaching him. Sorry Daddy "(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bubby's first T-Ball practice

Today's is Bubby's first T-Ball practice.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T-Bone is now a BIG boy! Bye, bye diapers.

Well it's been now 11 days and T-Bone has not had one accident! He has been using the potty every time and I am very impressed. He went from not caring at all to stepping up and joining the big boy club. I decided to put the little potty in the living room just like a did with big brother and tell him to go potty every hour which I did. He took my lead and hasn't looked back. I really thought that he would just want to be like big brother and have no problems with wanting to do it but he surprised me just like he always does and seemed to not care whether or not he was soaking wet in training pants! I was dumbfounded when he didn't care. I bribed him with candy treats, under ware but nothing seemed to interest him. Then Daddy mentioned the Big Boy Club and I kept it positive even after a few accidents and it all turned around for him.
We celebrated with a 6 pack of assorted super hero underwear and putting all his clothes (new under ware included) in his OWN dresser. T-Bone, your a big boy and you've done a great job! Momma, Daddy and Bubby are SO proud!
Love you!