Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T-Bone is now a BIG boy! Bye, bye diapers.

Well it's been now 11 days and T-Bone has not had one accident! He has been using the potty every time and I am very impressed. He went from not caring at all to stepping up and joining the big boy club. I decided to put the little potty in the living room just like a did with big brother and tell him to go potty every hour which I did. He took my lead and hasn't looked back. I really thought that he would just want to be like big brother and have no problems with wanting to do it but he surprised me just like he always does and seemed to not care whether or not he was soaking wet in training pants! I was dumbfounded when he didn't care. I bribed him with candy treats, under ware but nothing seemed to interest him. Then Daddy mentioned the Big Boy Club and I kept it positive even after a few accidents and it all turned around for him.
We celebrated with a 6 pack of assorted super hero underwear and putting all his clothes (new under ware included) in his OWN dresser. T-Bone, your a big boy and you've done a great job! Momma, Daddy and Bubby are SO proud!
Love you!

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