Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bubby's Birthday party!

I asked Bubby where he would like to go for his 5th Birthday party this year. Since July is really too hot for an outside party we have so far opted for an indoor party. He chose Chuck E. Cheese's to my surprise. Last year we held it at Surf and Swim close to home with all other parties at Chuck E. Cheese's.
We decided to have a party early to beat the crowd and hopefully the heat. Instead of having it around the corner from us we held it at another location that was newer and was closer to our guests.
All guests came. It was a playgroup party. Games, pizza and Chuck E. Cheese himself. They gave Bubby a crown, metal and we feasted on Nascar cake! Daddy even took off the morning to join us. We had fun and I relized just how much bigger my little boy was now!
Love you Bubby!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bubby's 5 today!!

Happy Birthday Bubby Boy!
Well Bubby's hit the big 5 today! Wow. I know that I say this every year but I can't believe it.
Daddy stayed home from work today to help celebrate. Bubby woke up to find a new bicycle in the den waiting for him. We had it stored at Grandma's for a few weeks. Since a friend of Bubby's was having her Birthday party at Hawaiian Falls in the afternoon and he wanted to go SO bad we decided instead of him picking a place for dinner we did lunch. He wanted Dave and Busters. He's a smart kid realizing that he not only gets to eat but play games. Grandma came by in the morning with birthday wishes and gifts. We then headed off to Dave and Busters. He opened gifts after lunch. Instead of getting two cakes, one for today and another for his upcoming party at Chuck E Cheeses we just got the big ole piece of triple chocolate cake! Mommy did manage to get a few bites in and Daddy tried to finish it off. We then went and played games counted our tickets and got some toys. By then it was time to rush home in hopes of everyone (but me) to get a nice little nap in before going to the water park. After a short nap we then headed off to Hawaiian Falls. We met up with friends and spent the day in the assortment of water rides and pools. Bubby and Daddy seemed to really enjoy the river ride on tubes. I rode once only to decide that it wasn't a good idea for me. It made gave me motion sickness! Get me off this ride! So most of the day Bubby and Daddy ran around the park riding, T-Bone and I preferred hanging close to the cabana on the man made "beach" area at the wave pool. Nice. As the sun went down the movie screen went up and they were getting ready for the evening movie, Kung Fu Panda. We passed and headed home after having some birthday cake.
All in all it was a great day, busy and great!
Hope your year is blessed Scooby! We love you.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July 2009

We spent most of the day indoors since it was SO hot. We are up to the 3 digits this week again. Yuck. We did manage to run up to Lowe's before lunch. We then headed out to some friends of ours for a 4th of July celebration after a nap.
The kids did some swimming and serious playing. They have a HUGE yard and the boys just run wide open while we are over there. They LOVE it. We had a great rib eye steak dinner and watched a fireworks display all around us from their backyard and shot off a few ourselves too.
We had a wonderful time and got home late with two very tired little boys. Daddy and I are hoping to sleep in tomorrow. We'll see if a pair of big brown eyes wake us up at the usual time.
Happy 4th of July!