Friday, July 25, 2008

Nobody in the world can....

Make me laugh as hard, cry as deep and get as mad as this man can!
Love u Daddy Dude.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bubby's 4th Birthday pool party

A wonderful day and fun, sun and some surf. We spent most of the afternoon at the Surf and Swim to help celebrate Bubby's big day. Some of his friends came and shared the fun with him.
Bubby had fun running back and forth from the wave pool to the wading pool. He also got a great soaker toy for being the birthday boy. I can see it getting some good use at home as well. It was hot but not too bad if you kept yourself wet. T-Bone had a great time too playing in the shallow end of the wave pool while momma caught some sun rays. Daddy took the day off to be a part of all of it too. Daddy was a trooper and played a great host to our guests and keeping up with the boys! Thanks Daddy. And thanks for all our guests that came to help us celebrate!
We came home with a good kind of tired if you know what I mean ")
Ate some grub and we hit the hay early.
Well Bubby's four now heading for another wonderful year of growing and learning!
How did the days past SO fast? I'm caught between missing him as a baby but love seeing him so grown up. He is a great son and God has really blessed us by having him in our lives!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Bubby!!

Happy Birthday to our Bubby Boy! He is the big 4 today! He is smart, thoughtful and the cutest 4 year old ever!
Well we started the day off having some Dun kin donuts for breakfast and then running up to Target to spend the gift card that his Aunt had sent to him. He choose a cool 3 way stunt hot wheels set up. I spend a good hour trying to set this thing up. It wasn't big or anything but Daddy's must more "gifted" in this area than I! Between trying to understand the instructions and my poor aging eyes we didn't have much of a chance. Bubby sat patiently sat on the floor playing with the parts that he could while i fumbled through it. Finally success and we was playing!
After lunch and a nap we did our Family tradition of going out to eat at the Birthday persons request. Bubby decided that he wanted to go to the new Chinese buffet around the corner from us. I was surprised and just knew that we was looking at Chick Fil A or a Pizza joint but he chose different. He said that he liked their cheese pizza and chicken on a stick. So we went when Daddy came home early. Bad news, no cheese pizza tonight! So guess where we ended up? Yes you got it Chuck E. Cheese's. We just can't seem to get away from that mouse when his Birthday rolls around! We went after 5:30 so you can imagine the crowd there! We had fun eating and playing games. After we got home Bubby got a small cake (Party's tomorrow) and blew out the candles.
Then came the gifts. I have to say that the skill and understanding of opening and getting presents is much more advanced at 4! He got a crane, transformer, spider man swim trucks and matching shirt, Spider man art set, A Play Station 2 Cars game from the movie and his FAVORITE present, a spider man costume! That boy was ripping his clothes off to put it on before you could say spider man! I'm afraid that he's going to be wearing it daily. He's already shown some concern about me having to wash it. Funny thing, he has never seen Spider man in action. He's just seen pictures and knows that he is a super hero and helps people. I suppose that's enough huh?
Well tomorrow we are having his Birthday party at Surf and Swim pool not too far from home. Another big day headed our way! I guess it's a great day for the pool since we are expecting a temperature of 101! Well Happy Birthday my baby (you'll always be my baby) boy! Love you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Am I becoming a pioneer woman?

Well I'm going in deeper into the green over here. Not sure if I told anyone out here in blog land but I have been hanging my clothes to air dry instead of using the dryer. It kind of started after air drying the cloth diapers that I have been using on T-Bone and just turned into to something more. It seems like every time I turn around I am thinking about doing something else that could make me more self efficient and cost us less. Today I ventured out further and made my first batch of powdered laundry soap. I am proud to say that one load of this stuff will cost less than a penny a load. It's natural and very easy to make:
One cup of grated (I used the food processor) Zote bar soap
1/2 Cup of powdered Borax
That's about it. I found both products at Walmart. The Zote soap is for hand washing clothes and smells great. It was a bit messy at first trying to figure out the best size of cut up bar soap to put in the processor but soon I was done. I used about 3/4 of a bar and they were 97 cents each! Some also recommend putting 1/2 cup of baking soda in there as well but I read that it can cause wear and tear on the cloth diapers so I passed. So everything looked like it was going well but nothing to yahoo about till we seen what this stuff can do in the washer right? I did my first load this afternoon. It was kind of weird not seeing any suds in there (they warned me that this was normal since no detergent is in there) but I did see the clouded water so it was cleaning.
After a spin cycle I hung them out to dry. Well I think we have a keeper.
I had checked into this before but for making a liquid soap. It required cooking, not that deep into it yet! ") But hey I can cut up bar soap and put it in the food processor right? Sure I can.
And I did. Mission accomplished.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July weekend

Well the 3 day weekend is about over. Daddy has been home since Friday. He has not been feeling his best. He gets run down from time to time from partying all the time. Just kidding. He works hard and likes his free time which is usually is from about 10 to 1 or 3 in the morning! I understand wanting to have downtime, I myself stay up till about midnight almost every night. We both tell each other that we are turning in early only to find that it's midnight already! He seems to be on the up swing of feeling better today. I hope.
Anyway, we still had a nice weekend. We went to see a fireworks show that was in Sachse on the 3rd. We figured that the crowd wouldn't be as bad as it would be on Friday the 4th. We figured right. It was great. We took lawn chairs and sat across from the show. The breeze was nice and kept the bugs and heat at bay. Bubby loved watching the fireworks but didn't dig the noise so he kept his hands over his ears while we watched. As for T-Bone, he didn't like anything about it. So he dealt with it the T-Bone way; taking a nap on Daddy's chest. Of course Daddy kept his hand on the open ear to help block out the noise. I tell you that T-Bone can take a nap anywhere as long as he is laying on you! He napped at the Ball game on Mothers Day!
On the 4th we cooked out and had some BBQ chicken on the grill and I made some red beans and rice in the crock pot. Yum. We also took a trip into the what used to be country (Lavon) and picked up some sparklers for I and the boys and some black cats for Daddy. Hey you gotta have some kind of bang on the 4th right? So we did some in the backyard before bath and bedtime.
Ahhh, brings back the memories of my dad lighting some in our old backyard when I was young. I can remember feeling both fascinated and terrified at the same time. No wait, I still feel that way come to think about it ") I'll pass on the black cats and bottle rockets. I'm more of a sparkler girl myself.
We still had some fireworks left over on Saturday so we did it again after dinner. Bubby asked if we could do it again tonight like it has become part of our nighttime routine or something.
So tonight we are planning some rib eyes on the grill and maybe a few beers if Daddy's up to it to say goodbye to the long weekend.
This Thursday is Bubby's 4th Birthday! Yikes, 4! I can not believe it. It seems like yesterday when we brought this tiny baby home with us. We are planning a pool party this year at Surf and Swim on Friday. I guess we have to say Bye to Chuck E Cheese sooner of later.