Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Bubby!!

Happy Birthday to our Bubby Boy! He is the big 4 today! He is smart, thoughtful and the cutest 4 year old ever!
Well we started the day off having some Dun kin donuts for breakfast and then running up to Target to spend the gift card that his Aunt had sent to him. He choose a cool 3 way stunt hot wheels set up. I spend a good hour trying to set this thing up. It wasn't big or anything but Daddy's must more "gifted" in this area than I! Between trying to understand the instructions and my poor aging eyes we didn't have much of a chance. Bubby sat patiently sat on the floor playing with the parts that he could while i fumbled through it. Finally success and we was playing!
After lunch and a nap we did our Family tradition of going out to eat at the Birthday persons request. Bubby decided that he wanted to go to the new Chinese buffet around the corner from us. I was surprised and just knew that we was looking at Chick Fil A or a Pizza joint but he chose different. He said that he liked their cheese pizza and chicken on a stick. So we went when Daddy came home early. Bad news, no cheese pizza tonight! So guess where we ended up? Yes you got it Chuck E. Cheese's. We just can't seem to get away from that mouse when his Birthday rolls around! We went after 5:30 so you can imagine the crowd there! We had fun eating and playing games. After we got home Bubby got a small cake (Party's tomorrow) and blew out the candles.
Then came the gifts. I have to say that the skill and understanding of opening and getting presents is much more advanced at 4! He got a crane, transformer, spider man swim trucks and matching shirt, Spider man art set, A Play Station 2 Cars game from the movie and his FAVORITE present, a spider man costume! That boy was ripping his clothes off to put it on before you could say spider man! I'm afraid that he's going to be wearing it daily. He's already shown some concern about me having to wash it. Funny thing, he has never seen Spider man in action. He's just seen pictures and knows that he is a super hero and helps people. I suppose that's enough huh?
Well tomorrow we are having his Birthday party at Surf and Swim pool not too far from home. Another big day headed our way! I guess it's a great day for the pool since we are expecting a temperature of 101! Well Happy Birthday my baby (you'll always be my baby) boy! Love you.

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The Joys of having Boys said...

Happy Birthday Bubby!! We love you!!