Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry 2008 Christmas!

The day begun early about 7 am and we hit the floor running with opening the gifts. My was there a lot! I've had them all tucked away and had forgotten how many there were!
Bubby was a great Santa handing out the presents and T-Bone was great at opening them up! He did seem to get alittle overwhelmed and kind of backed off after a while. They had a blast.
Bubby got alot of Spiderman stuff and T-Bone got Lighting McQueen. Bubby got a remote controlled truck and helicopter. The helicopter is fun! Can't quit wanting to play with it. No body wanted to take a nap but for daddy this afternoon! All the boys napped while mommy took a shower and had some quiet time. I did manage to make lunch before they all went down. I decided that I wouldn't do the traditional again as for Thanksgiving. I made Tempura with sweet potatoes, onion rings and large shrimp. Yum. It's kind of messy but worth it.
I think leftovers or a hamburger is in order for tonight. ")
It was a very nice Christmas. I'll be downloading the pics later and well post them on here.
Hope everyone had a great one too!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Eve reminder

As you know we volunteer with Meals on Wheels and today was our route day that happened to land on Christmas Eve. So with a quick breakfast and bundle up off we went to make our deliveries. I tried to keep myself humble and not get caught up in the "hurry" of it all but it was a struggle. I have a few last minute things that I had to tie up today just like most. I had made out some Christmas cards for my boys to hand out with the meals in hopes to brighten some days for those that are home bound. Little did I know that the tables would be turned.
All of the people that receive meals are grateful and kind people but a few of them just give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. One of them is Alberta. Just looking at her I can see the stories of her life in her eyes. A strong Christian women of faith is apparent with every visit I make to her home. She is a small elderly women that lives alone in old dated home. Yes a dated home, she tells me but I'm blessed, it's paid for. She greets me at the door with use of a walker. When I ask her how she is doing she always replies 'very blessed dear'. In her home is the pictures of her when she was younger with her family and a few of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King sitting on the TV top. Lately she has had one or two of her top burners on the stove to help keep her warm while the weather is cold. Well today we all came to the door complete with Santa hats and a Christmas card. She was so touched with Bubby giving her the card that she wanted to give him a sucker. I tell her that she shouldn't. She insists and goes to get her purse. As she is walking down the hall I can see that she is missing a sock on one foot and that her night gown is in need of being replaced. I glance at the wall beside me and see a plaque that was given to her for her years of volunteer service for the elderly. I thought wow she did what I'm doing now for a very long time. She comes back and pulls out a dollar instead to give him. I refuse. She tells me that she knows that we don't need it but that the spirit told her to do it. My first thought was why God? I got my answer soon. It was a reminder of what Christmas really is all about. A sacrifice. Well I melted right there standing on her living room floor. All my problems and worries left me as I saw God use this sweet little elderly women that didn't have much at all and was homebound to teach me a good lesson. Humble me he did. Don't you just love it when God speaks to us in a way that we can understand and uses anyone or anything to do it. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Gingerbread house

How do you like it? It no longer looks like this. Some of the pieces (clears throat) or should I say candy are missing. Duh. This year T-Bone helped. And did a great job I might add! Christmas is so yummy.
We also went out tonight and looked at Christmas lights in Plano. Bundled up very well. Baby it's cold outside! ")

The week of Christmas! 2008

We're ready, are you?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Daddy's back

From where you ask? Well he went to Waterloo, Ontario in Canada this week on a business trip. It was an opportunity for him to meet up with the people that work at Research in Motion at their Canadian headquarters and get a clearer picture of what he'll be doing at his new job. Daddy said they EVERYONE up there was nice. He didn't have any negative interactions with one Canadian. Hummmm really? He said that he would like to live there but the cost of living is out of this world and it's a bit on the cold side. ") Outside of that he had a great time meeting everyone and getting to know the company.
The boys missed him greatly and couldn't wait to pick him up at the airport on Thursday. We did alright on our own but it's sure nice having daddy back home! Now could you please change that light bulb in the garage that I couldn't reach while you were gone? It's dark in there! Thanks Daddy. Ahhhhhhh nice not having to do the 'Daddy jobs' :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm so busted!

Ok I know that alot of you 'experienced' moms are going to be saying to yourselves " That was not smart" but please have grace on me, I've been a little distracted lately with Daddy Dude's new job and feeling the rush with Christmas right around the corner.
Here's my story:
I put the boys down for a nice afternoon nap. I figure I've got maybe an hour and a half or two to get some much needed Christmas wrapping done. I know, I know, my mistake. I seemed to have forgotten that the sound of paper rustling travels the speed of light for a four year old. I mean what was I thinking without having Daddy here to cover my back? Duh.
So there I am all splayed out on the floor with my tape, scissors and wrapping paper. I've aligned myself nicely in front of our TV screen so Dr. Phil can tell me like it is while I get busy with my elf work. All the time in the back of my mind I'm thinking "He's going to come busting through that door and then what?". I never did have time to finish that thought through.
I'm so busted.
No he didn't see any of the presents without wrap. I was smart in that dept. ")
I quickly (mom may need a new hip for Christmas) caught him at the door. You should have seen his face. All lit up like the Christmas tree. Oh my. I hurry him back behind the door and beg, plead, scream for him to stay put until I tell him to come back in. I throw all that I have into the garage into our secret hiding place (Dad's unplugged brew fridge) in about 3 trips tops. I then tell him that it's ok to come back in. I'm trying really hard to play it cool now. It's not working. He is giving an interrogation that the FBI would be proud of. All the while I see the Batman helicopter right behind him at eye level on the stove that I forgot to put up. I distract him while I'm kicking myself in the booty, all at the same time. So I come up with the story that the presents are for someone else. That worked. Now he's bugging me about how I didn't get him and T-Bone anything. HELP.
In the future, they are going to be wrapped while he is gone or I'm doing it elsewhere. Lesson learned, next.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Daddy 1st day at his new job

Whew. Glad that's over! Poor Daddy had a long busy day at his first day at work. A day of setting up his computers, getting security clearances and trying to get his Blackberry going. Not to mention meeting a whole bunch of people. Warning: Overload! ")
He's decompressing as I write this while messing with his new Blackberry.
The next few weeks will be transition time for him until the dust settles down a bit.
I'll keep everyone posted.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So that's what that was

It all started when T-Bone had a very high fever the Friday after Thanksgiving. No other problems but maybe a little stuffy nose. When I say high fever, I mean high! It would only stay out of the 104 range for about 2 hours on Motrin or Tylenol. If you are a parent, you know the feeling of helplessness in the middle of the night struggling with whether or not you want to take them to the emergency room. I will try to do anything to keep my kids out of there if all possible. So for three long days and nights we "fought" the fever. On Monday the fever dropped only to return. That's it. I'm done. Plus now I was starting to feel bad too. A sinus infection maybe? I need help.
They said that he had a bad ear infection in his left ear. I wasn't surprised, he has been pointing at it and saying "hurt". I'd been using drops from a previous infection and was hoping that whatever was going on, his body could fight it off. As for me, a sinus infection. Both of us was given a round of antibiotics, something that I don't like but sometimes necessary.
Well the next day the fever again dropped and then a few hours later a rash appears on his face and trunk area. Oh yeah, I remember this. We went through it with Bubby. Roseolsa was one of the names for it. High fever with a stuffy nose for 3 - 5 days then a rash for a few days. I did have the thought of it once while giving him a midnight cool down bath. It felt like I'd been here before. ")
So now things are better. I'm much better and T-Bone's fever is gone and all that's left is a lite rash almost gone. And Bubby's safe since he's already had it. Thank Goodness for that.
So the clouds part once again and the sun shines as it did before. (Enter sigh of relief here)