Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry 2008 Christmas!

The day begun early about 7 am and we hit the floor running with opening the gifts. My was there a lot! I've had them all tucked away and had forgotten how many there were!
Bubby was a great Santa handing out the presents and T-Bone was great at opening them up! He did seem to get alittle overwhelmed and kind of backed off after a while. They had a blast.
Bubby got alot of Spiderman stuff and T-Bone got Lighting McQueen. Bubby got a remote controlled truck and helicopter. The helicopter is fun! Can't quit wanting to play with it. No body wanted to take a nap but for daddy this afternoon! All the boys napped while mommy took a shower and had some quiet time. I did manage to make lunch before they all went down. I decided that I wouldn't do the traditional again as for Thanksgiving. I made Tempura with sweet potatoes, onion rings and large shrimp. Yum. It's kind of messy but worth it.
I think leftovers or a hamburger is in order for tonight. ")
It was a very nice Christmas. I'll be downloading the pics later and well post them on here.
Hope everyone had a great one too!
Merry Christmas!

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