Thursday, December 4, 2008

So that's what that was

It all started when T-Bone had a very high fever the Friday after Thanksgiving. No other problems but maybe a little stuffy nose. When I say high fever, I mean high! It would only stay out of the 104 range for about 2 hours on Motrin or Tylenol. If you are a parent, you know the feeling of helplessness in the middle of the night struggling with whether or not you want to take them to the emergency room. I will try to do anything to keep my kids out of there if all possible. So for three long days and nights we "fought" the fever. On Monday the fever dropped only to return. That's it. I'm done. Plus now I was starting to feel bad too. A sinus infection maybe? I need help.
They said that he had a bad ear infection in his left ear. I wasn't surprised, he has been pointing at it and saying "hurt". I'd been using drops from a previous infection and was hoping that whatever was going on, his body could fight it off. As for me, a sinus infection. Both of us was given a round of antibiotics, something that I don't like but sometimes necessary.
Well the next day the fever again dropped and then a few hours later a rash appears on his face and trunk area. Oh yeah, I remember this. We went through it with Bubby. Roseolsa was one of the names for it. High fever with a stuffy nose for 3 - 5 days then a rash for a few days. I did have the thought of it once while giving him a midnight cool down bath. It felt like I'd been here before. ")
So now things are better. I'm much better and T-Bone's fever is gone and all that's left is a lite rash almost gone. And Bubby's safe since he's already had it. Thank Goodness for that.
So the clouds part once again and the sun shines as it did before. (Enter sigh of relief here)


Maggie said...

Oh my gosh, I have SO been there. I had never even heard of Roseolsa until my youngest got it one weekend when he was 4 or 5 months old. That was the scariest thing EVER!!! Esp. with him being so little and the fever being so incredibly high.

Glad everyone is feeling better!!

Tomato Lady said...

So glad baby is better--it is always the middle of the night and/or the weekend, isn't it? Sorry you both had to go through this. Best wishes!

kristen said...

Nothing worse than sickies is there. Hope all is getting better now.