Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm so busted!

Ok I know that alot of you 'experienced' moms are going to be saying to yourselves " That was not smart" but please have grace on me, I've been a little distracted lately with Daddy Dude's new job and feeling the rush with Christmas right around the corner.
Here's my story:
I put the boys down for a nice afternoon nap. I figure I've got maybe an hour and a half or two to get some much needed Christmas wrapping done. I know, I know, my mistake. I seemed to have forgotten that the sound of paper rustling travels the speed of light for a four year old. I mean what was I thinking without having Daddy here to cover my back? Duh.
So there I am all splayed out on the floor with my tape, scissors and wrapping paper. I've aligned myself nicely in front of our TV screen so Dr. Phil can tell me like it is while I get busy with my elf work. All the time in the back of my mind I'm thinking "He's going to come busting through that door and then what?". I never did have time to finish that thought through.
I'm so busted.
No he didn't see any of the presents without wrap. I was smart in that dept. ")
I quickly (mom may need a new hip for Christmas) caught him at the door. You should have seen his face. All lit up like the Christmas tree. Oh my. I hurry him back behind the door and beg, plead, scream for him to stay put until I tell him to come back in. I throw all that I have into the garage into our secret hiding place (Dad's unplugged brew fridge) in about 3 trips tops. I then tell him that it's ok to come back in. I'm trying really hard to play it cool now. It's not working. He is giving an interrogation that the FBI would be proud of. All the while I see the Batman helicopter right behind him at eye level on the stove that I forgot to put up. I distract him while I'm kicking myself in the booty, all at the same time. So I come up with the story that the presents are for someone else. That worked. Now he's bugging me about how I didn't get him and T-Bone anything. HELP.
In the future, they are going to be wrapped while he is gone or I'm doing it elsewhere. Lesson learned, next.


Stephanie said...

Funny - Hope you don't need a new hip though...but I know what you mean! I think we are going to wrap late late at night!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Hilarious! I could just picture the whole scene in my mind. Yeah, you should have known better :)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

The presents are for someone else? He bought that?!?! That's as bad as the teenager telling their parents that they were just 'storing' forbidden stuff for their friends. *giggle*

Saw your comment on another blog. Your profile name intrigued me. Glad I stopped by.

Maggie said...

Ahahahaha!!! That was a funny story!! I've so been there done that - you ARE NOT alone!! =)