Friday, December 19, 2008

Daddy's back

From where you ask? Well he went to Waterloo, Ontario in Canada this week on a business trip. It was an opportunity for him to meet up with the people that work at Research in Motion at their Canadian headquarters and get a clearer picture of what he'll be doing at his new job. Daddy said they EVERYONE up there was nice. He didn't have any negative interactions with one Canadian. Hummmm really? He said that he would like to live there but the cost of living is out of this world and it's a bit on the cold side. ") Outside of that he had a great time meeting everyone and getting to know the company.
The boys missed him greatly and couldn't wait to pick him up at the airport on Thursday. We did alright on our own but it's sure nice having daddy back home! Now could you please change that light bulb in the garage that I couldn't reach while you were gone? It's dark in there! Thanks Daddy. Ahhhhhhh nice not having to do the 'Daddy jobs' :)

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