Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Eve reminder

As you know we volunteer with Meals on Wheels and today was our route day that happened to land on Christmas Eve. So with a quick breakfast and bundle up off we went to make our deliveries. I tried to keep myself humble and not get caught up in the "hurry" of it all but it was a struggle. I have a few last minute things that I had to tie up today just like most. I had made out some Christmas cards for my boys to hand out with the meals in hopes to brighten some days for those that are home bound. Little did I know that the tables would be turned.
All of the people that receive meals are grateful and kind people but a few of them just give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. One of them is Alberta. Just looking at her I can see the stories of her life in her eyes. A strong Christian women of faith is apparent with every visit I make to her home. She is a small elderly women that lives alone in old dated home. Yes a dated home, she tells me but I'm blessed, it's paid for. She greets me at the door with use of a walker. When I ask her how she is doing she always replies 'very blessed dear'. In her home is the pictures of her when she was younger with her family and a few of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King sitting on the TV top. Lately she has had one or two of her top burners on the stove to help keep her warm while the weather is cold. Well today we all came to the door complete with Santa hats and a Christmas card. She was so touched with Bubby giving her the card that she wanted to give him a sucker. I tell her that she shouldn't. She insists and goes to get her purse. As she is walking down the hall I can see that she is missing a sock on one foot and that her night gown is in need of being replaced. I glance at the wall beside me and see a plaque that was given to her for her years of volunteer service for the elderly. I thought wow she did what I'm doing now for a very long time. She comes back and pulls out a dollar instead to give him. I refuse. She tells me that she knows that we don't need it but that the spirit told her to do it. My first thought was why God? I got my answer soon. It was a reminder of what Christmas really is all about. A sacrifice. Well I melted right there standing on her living room floor. All my problems and worries left me as I saw God use this sweet little elderly women that didn't have much at all and was homebound to teach me a good lesson. Humble me he did. Don't you just love it when God speaks to us in a way that we can understand and uses anyone or anything to do it. Merry Christmas.

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Stephanie said...

That got me all teared up. What a touching story and reminder! Merry Christmas!