Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009

Wow Ok so it's now 2009. I can remember how my parents used to say how time flies as you get older. Well I now know what they meant! The years roll by almost like the days did when I was young. Why is that?
Anyway we brought in the New Year with a quiet night at home. Complete with Rotel cheese with sausage, chicken wings, bbq little smokies and a veggie tray to keep things healthy. ")
And of course a bottle of the bubbly and watched Elf on the tube. The boys slept. They both have missed two days worth of naps and it was really starting to show.
So we hope that everyone else had a nice time bringing in 2009 too. I hope that the new year brings many blessings to my family and friends.
On another note we went out and purchased a new automobile two days ago. It's a Sport Jeep. It's pretty nice and we got a great deal on it. Did we need it? Well no but I've always thought Daddy Dude would look so nice driving one. He's got the jeep guy look I think. He's got the facial hair, baseball cap and loves flannel shirts! (Shhhhhh I also thought it would be so cool for me as well. I was right). T-Bone and I took it out for a spin while Daddy and Bubby cleaned out the garage yesterday to make some space for it. Let's just say it was a Christmas present or part of our mid life crisis maybe ")
Any way here is a picture of it. BTW is anyone in the market for a '91 Ford Explorer with really low millage? Thought I'd ask :) How about a huge Coleman pop up camper that's in great condition? Some downsizing is in order over here.
Well Happy New 2009 to everyone. Hope it's a wonderful one!


The Joys of having Boys said...

What a way to bring in the new year. Nice ride, daddy dude.

4funboys said...

Happy New Year to you too!

I love JEEPS... my room mate in college had one and we had such a FUN time in it!

Stephanie said...

Nice ride! Happy New Years to you!