Friday, July 11, 2008

Bubby's 4th Birthday pool party

A wonderful day and fun, sun and some surf. We spent most of the afternoon at the Surf and Swim to help celebrate Bubby's big day. Some of his friends came and shared the fun with him.
Bubby had fun running back and forth from the wave pool to the wading pool. He also got a great soaker toy for being the birthday boy. I can see it getting some good use at home as well. It was hot but not too bad if you kept yourself wet. T-Bone had a great time too playing in the shallow end of the wave pool while momma caught some sun rays. Daddy took the day off to be a part of all of it too. Daddy was a trooper and played a great host to our guests and keeping up with the boys! Thanks Daddy. And thanks for all our guests that came to help us celebrate!
We came home with a good kind of tired if you know what I mean ")
Ate some grub and we hit the hay early.
Well Bubby's four now heading for another wonderful year of growing and learning!
How did the days past SO fast? I'm caught between missing him as a baby but love seeing him so grown up. He is a great son and God has really blessed us by having him in our lives!

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