Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well we woke to a wonderful white Christmas this year! How awesome!
Bubby woke up everyone with a sweet "Merry Christmas before running down the hall to see what Santa had brought during the night. T-Bone is a slow riser and just kind of laid in bed until I said that Santa had came. He then stumbled down the hall as fast as his sleepy little legs could carry him. Next thing I knew I could hear paper being torn. He didn't wait for anything or anyone. Just started to open up gifts, never mind who they were for! I had to stop him and promptly give him a present that was for him. He really was still half asleep but knew just what work was laid out before him!
We all opened gifts and then bundled up to set outside in the cold and snow outside. Out of all the years (42 to be exact) of living in Texas I've never seen a white Christmas. I can remember it snowing a few days after and on New Years but not Christmas. What a blessing. Of course it was not like a snow that most get up north, a somewhat light dusting. But snow just the same! I have waited for such an occasion as this with the purchase of some snow suits and sled from the local thrift store. How can I say how much I LOVE snow? It reminds me of my childhood and it's beautiful, quiet and makes just about anything appear lovely.
After freezing we then came in for hot coco and some monkey bread. I then got busy cooking. Ham, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, gravy, corn , deviled eggs and rolls. I also baked a pumpkin pie and pecan pie and of course got the wonderful Satin Chocolate pie from Tom Thumbs. Daddy's favorite by far. We ate. Well Daddy and I did. The boys did manage to pig out on rolls smothered with butter and a large serving of Jellied cranberries ")
After eating Grandma came by and it looked like Santa visited us again!
I spent the day picking up toys, gift wrap and boxes while Daddy exercised his skill at patience helping the boys with all their various toys.
The day ended nice with warm baths and an early bedtime for T-Bone since he missed his nap today. He fell asleep with a Chick Hicks car in his hand. Ahhhhhhh.
It was a nice Christmas and as always goes so fast and it's just over like that. But we have the celebration of 2010 just around the corner. Did I just say 2010! Yikes.
Merry Christmas boys, we love you and cherish these wonderful early years with you!

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