Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daddy's Santa screw up

Daddy comes busting in through the door after a long day of training to announce to the boys that he has Santa's phone number and asks if the boys would like to call him. I'm thinking "What?".
He tells me that he got the number off a radio station on the way home. Talk to Santa?
Of course the boys are very excited. Bubby is walking circles saying he's shy but you can tell he's about to pop with excitement and T-Bone is ready. So Daddy gets on his cell phone and gathers the boys and puts "Santa" on speaker phone. Sure enough it's Santa's voice that answers the phone with a recording for the caller to please leave him a message. Daddy then encourages for them to state what they want for Christmas. WHAT? Why would he do that?
It's two weeks before Christmas, not a lot of shopping time left Daddy! Bubby then states that he wants a new Superman hot wheel transporter. His broke during the last year and I'm ashamed to say I had to put it out of it's misery and of the house. "(
And a real iron man outfit. Oh that's great Daddy. I've looked over the globe for the Superman hot wheel transporter for the past year with no luck. Now he's asked for it himself to Santa. I start to fight with visions of the movie "Jungle all the way" and ringing Daddy's neck. I then mouth to Daddy that I am going to kill him and he's at a loss. I tell him that I hope he enjoys his dinner because it will be his last. We scamper off to the back bedroom for me to clue him in on the problem. Oh, I didn't even think about that he states. I then quickly and with deadly skill dive into my computer to reach Google for help. Nothing but Target promises me that they can contact me when more are available. Yikes. I have a boy that is going to have a broken heart on Christmas morning. I then pray and get on Amazon. Five left. I make my purchase and Daddy's life is spared once again.

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