Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting on Santa 2009

Well this is our first year having Santa visit. Shocked? Well don't be, we have good reason. We really struggled with doing the "Santa" thing since it's basically a lie and use's certain conditions (the naughty or nice list) to bribe your children into good behavior. Also I've wondered how would my boys believe me when I speak of a unseen God that came to die and save us and that he watches over us and cares for us when I would lie to them about a nice old jolly fellow that visits us every year at Christmas time. Well anyway.....
Bubby told me this year that he understood that Santa was pretend but wanted to believe anyway. I'm fine with that. So Santa land here we come.
Complete with iced cookies and milk as a snack for his long hard sleigh ride we joined into a new tradition this year. So far it's been a bit of a challenge. Never before had I considered the great lengths that my parents went to for us so many years ago. Hiding presents, using different unseen wrapping paper and bows. Having a Santa signature.....etc......
Wow it takes some effort and teamwork but so far I think we've pulled it off.
Can't tell you just how excited two little guys went to bed tonight.
Merry Christmas!

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