Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread houses, Advent and the mall. Oh my.

Well Christmas Eve is fast approaching us and it's starting to get busy, something I don't like around the holidays. Slowing down is much better ")
With Bubby and I being so behind in school and having to double up on school days and with all the "errands" of running around for Christmas I beginning to feel overwhelmed. I'm trying not to get so caught up in it all but.....
Today we went to the mall. Whew. Wasn't to bad till the afternoon hours. Bubby just wanted his favorite pizza and Sean sat strapped safely in his stroller. I went with list in hand and for the most part got it done.
Tonight we decided to make our gingerbread house. Too bad one side wall was warped and the roof kept sliding and ended up taking the whole house down. At first tempers flew from Bubby but soon realized the "house" pieces still tasted yummy whether they were whole or in pieces. ")
Also I good squirt of icing in the mouth never hurt anybody :)
So it now sits broken in a glass container to be picked on for the next day or two.
Can't believe Christmas is coming so soon and it will be gone for another year. Even more 2010 is right around the corner. wow.

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