Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taste like chicken..............

I got up this morning to let the girls out and noticed some serious claw marks on the coop doors. Something was doing some scratching around last night. I'm sure it's not a cat. I'm pretty sure it's Possum or maybe a Raccoon. I've been making sure I put the girls up right at dusk since I noticed our old outdoor cat Doug (he seems to have found a new home else where) crouched by the fence staring hard at them when it starts getting dark. Grown Chickens are quite able to defend themselves well in the daylight but are very night blind and are easy prey. I witnessed them chasing a grown cat one time when I drove up in the drive way after running errands. I never saw that cat again! I'll be locking them up tight from now on. Maybe I'll set a trap out and see what I get?
On another note, my under eyes are looking much better today. All of the redness and peeling seems to be gone and all that's left is some bruising. I put on some make up today and it looks great. I've taken pics and need to download them since there is no space on the camera anymore. I'm thinking about posting all of them on one post from beginning to end.

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