Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Restylane injections update

Well it's been two days since the injections. My left eye (the worst one) is holding up ok. But my right eye looks like the hollow on the outside is showing through again. I sure hope not just after two days! I've heard that sometimes when the inital swelling and bruising goes away things appear to be the same until the Restylane starts to adsorb water like it's suppose to. As for the bruising it's doesn't look pretty. It does look like it's yellowing a bit so it getting better. It's really hard not to be checking it out all the time in the mirror. I will be disappointed if it doesn't help that much but I knew all the possibles going into it. I always have my back up of thicker framed glasses that I ordered last weekend. ") Aging yuck.

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