Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!
We all thought it would be nice to all go out for breakfast instead of cooking one at home today. We went to one of our favorite breakfast places, Chubby's. Yes you read that right. It's called Chubby's. Nice name don't you think? It's a small home cooking kind of place that seems to LOVE children. We had a nice breakfast and I enjoyed not having to cook and clean.
We all traded our Valentine's cards and told each other how much we loved them. Daddy's home for a three day weekend! Yahooooo. It's much needed time to be with him since his been busy at work.
I got some stuff to make some Valentine cupcakes but I'm not sure we'll get to it. We still have alot of goodies left over from our playgroup party last Wednesday! Plus we don't need any sweet cupcakes laying around on the kitchen counter do we?
T-Bone and Daddy are taking a nap right now while Bubby and I are hanging out. He didn't want to nap today. Seems like the normal for him lately though it catches up with him and then he's a mess. I've tried to stop them altogether but he tells me that he still needs them so.........? I guess we are playing that one by ear. I think it's been an adjustment for him since Daddy's new job. Daddy leaves alot earlier now and he doesn't get spend any morning time with him like he did before and he misses it and gets up at the crack of dawn with him. It's messed up our schedule a bit.
So Daddy spends special time with him when he's home to hopefully help him through the adjustment. He's growing up so much! He's now getting himself in the van all by himself and making his favorite peanut, jelly and butter (peanut butter and jelly) as he calls them. He's seems to more capable than I think and amazes me when he proves me wrong. I suppose I still see him as my baby boy, and always will.
Anyway hope everyone has a great "Love" day today!

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