Monday, February 16, 2009

Restylane injections

Well I did it. I got Restylane injections for my under eye hollowness. I've thought long and hard about this one. Since turning 40 I have the repeated comment of looking tired. I used to wear contacts but now wear glasses to hide my under eye flaw. After trying every and anything under the sun to correct this problem I realized that my issue was not under eye circles but a loss of fat in my tear trough area due to age and heredity that causes a shadow under my eye. Depending on the light, sometimes it's more noticable than other times. Evening is the worst since most lights are from above creating a nice ugly shadow that looks like huge eye bag! The struggle with getting the injections? It's cosmetic. It's expensive and temporary. Surgery is another opption but I'm not quite there yet. So Daddy let me get it done if I wanted. I wanted so I got. I felt a huge amount of guilt sitting there with a dab of cream under my eyes to numb them for the injections. I almost told them I changed my mind. I just couldn't stop thinking about how vain this all was and that some people didn't have food to eat. But as you know I went through with it. It only took about 15 sticks under each eye! No kidding. Good thing they numb you, though I did feel a couple. Ouch.
After it was done and I put some ice on it. After I was given a mirror. I was shocked but not surprised by some bruising from the sticks. But the big whole ditch was gone! I can't lie it was a great moment after fighting that thing so long with every cream, cosmedic thing that came in a jar. The bruising is not too bad and should be gone in a couple of days. I'll be icing it and using some herbs stuff to help with bruising and swelling. Next week I'll be going back for a check up.
How long should it last? Well could last for 8 months on the short end or a year on the longer. I've done alot of reshearch and it seems that it's different for everyone. Some with a higher metabolistion break the stuff down quicker like in a few months. I am of course hoping for the later lenght. We just have to see. I be posting pics after I get Daddy to download the one's from today.

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Stephanie said...

yeah - I am so glad it went well! Can't wait to see the pictures!