Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A new skill per T-Bone

Well all things cannot remain the same regarding children so T-Bone has decided to make his move. He has learned the art of climbing on things, Daddy's computer chair to be exact.
So far he's fallen off a few times but dust's himself quickly and moves on. He a toughy for sure, I suppose he has to be since he is the little brother :)
He sure is proud of himself sitting up there. Soon the newness will wear off and other things will need to be conquered. Nothing will be sacred.
No more putting things out of reach. Time to step up on training. Yeah.
That is one of the nice things about them getting older you can leave you stuff out and not worry like you once did. I know some folks leave their stuff out and "train" their children to not touch but I believe in the "you pick your own battles" line. I try not to pick much. At least while they are young and I want to let them to explore their new world in safety. My home is child proofed to the hills. Yes I believe in outlet covers, baby gates and any thing else I can use. I suppose I'm on the extreme side compared to my friends. But when it comes to germs and safety I can't let too much go. Can't say just where it comes from. Maybe I should take some time and think about some :)

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Stephanie said...

I can relate to you girl!