Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adjustment time!

Well today was out monthly adjustment at the Chiropractor. Can I say how much I LOVE going to that place! Not only have they helped us out with our aches and pains but they have become part of our family as well. We seem to spend an hour or so talking and visiting with them. Daddy Dude has even become a part of the bi weekly jam that Dr Paul and his buddies have at his home and became quite good friends with their son Nick. They have begun a small business adventure with making guitar effect pedals. Hey it comes in handy being a circuit board designer. Bubby even makes a B line into Dr. Marsha's office and lie flat on the bed awaiting his adjustment with more stillness then I could ever get out of him! It's just a happy place where we really feel cared about on all levels of our lives not just the medical part :)
Funny how I now feel so comfortable with going to a chiro. I can remember not always feeling that away. Mostly because of things that I had heard and thinking that they were kind of voo dooie. I suppose some are. I've met some pretty wacked out western medicine doctors as well.
But I really am thankful for finding some treatment that doesn't require taking meds that might help one thing and hurt another.
It's kind of quiet around here today. Boys are being kind of low key. I think they might be tired since I slept in Julian's bed last night and I'm sure I snored. Julian says that he likes it when I snore. Sure. What he really means is "I don't care that I have to put up with your snoring just stay with me".
It's so hard to say no to those huge brown eyes while he's saying "Mommy, please sleep with me". Yikes, my heart skips a beat! The nice thing is that I do it from time to time and it never has become required for me to be in there for them to get to sleep.

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The Joys of having Boys said...

I second "the love for the chiro". I think I need to go again.