Monday, April 7, 2008

Another day as a mommy

Howdy, well today we decided to lay low as this weekend seemed kinda busy. And Bubby had a busy day at church and a great visit at Grandma and Gram pa's house yesterday so he was bushed today. We decided to have a Pajama day! The boys played/watched TV while I tried to clean up the house from the weekend and catch up on some laundry.
Well here goes. I struggled with sharing my story because of the content and didn't want to spread any embarrassment on Bubby's part but it's such a mommy story that I'm sure many of us share.
While cleaning I was talking on my phone to my friend when I heard a faint cry of "mommie I need help" in the background. Oh that's not a good sound.
I followed the sound to the closed bathroom door. I found Bubby turning the corner from the potty saying "sorry mommy" over and over again in a really small voice. I said it's ok baby what's wrong? I noticed a strong poo poo smell when I opened the door but saw no evidence of anything out of the ordinary. He points to an area on the floor just behind the door (a place where I just walked) and said I tried to wipe. I then turn around and see a big ole mess on the floor and then some wipe circles around it. I tried to clean it up momma he says. I keep saying "it's ok baby" keeping the whole potty experince a positive one. I then remember that I just walked through that area and cringed and looked down on my feet. Yuck. Then I noticed that there is a stack of toilet paper on the counter. Yes they were dirty as well. Double Yuck.
So I do the whole bathe the child clean the mess thing. But while doing this I'm thinking " why was he by the door?". Well I figured it out. There is a door mirror on the inside and he was trying to wipe himself while bending over and looking between his legs so he could do a good job. While I was a "yucked" by the whole experince, I also was proud of his effort :)


Stephanie said...

Ok that is pretty funny! Sounds like you did a super job dealing with the situation. How cute that he wanted to do everything right. What a big heart he has ;)

The Joys of having Boys said...

How funny, I wondered what happened. He was at least really trying to wipe good :)