Friday, April 11, 2008

Soccer day and memories

Well today was Bubby's first day at Soccer Tots. He LOVED it and did very well at it too.
It seems a better fit than ASI for him. It was a huge indoor soccer arena and he had plenty of room to run! He was thrilled to see that Daddy Dude was able to come out and show his support and get some action pics of the moment. He took directions well and did everything the coach ask of him. It was great watching him out there. I was thinking to myself that it must feel awesome to be a kid in that huge thing kicking a soccer ball around like a big guy! I can remember having that feeling of awe with places and things and feeling that they were huge. Now I look at places that I went as a child (swimming pool, parks and stuff like that) and think wow that is so small :) One of the downsides to living in your hometown that you grew up in, seeing things change so much. I suppose there is both good and bad sides to living so close to where we grew up. I love seeing my old schools, fields that I searched high and low for so many hours during recess trying to find a 4 leave clover. And the bad, watching my old neighborhood fall apart and waste away. I use to have a strong desire to leave here and find my "own" place for me and my family. But as the years go by I realize that the search for contentment is not at a "place" it's more of a peace of mind. I think you can go anywhere and get anything you would desire and still not be happy and want something else. I suppose it's in our sin nature and part of living in a fallen world. It's a struggle until we come face to face with our maker and finally be completed in his presence.
So for now unless God directs us we are here just a few blocks from where we grew up watching our own children spend time in some of the places we did as children ourselves :)

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The Joys of having Boys said...

How cute does he look!!! I am glad he likes soccer.

And oh, the memories.....