Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well today was busy running some errands. I decided that since we are going to Dad's work we might as well pick up his check and then go the bank. And while we are by Daddy Dude's work we might as well return some library books over on that side of town and pick up some more for the next cycle. And since we are at the bank it's so close to Braums we should pick up some milk because we are out.................Ahhhh being a mom is all about time management and taking advantage of when and where we are! I can barely remember when I used to be able to just "run" up to Walmart for some silly something that I was working on :) Now with having to get two children in and out of the van, muscle up enough to man power to handle a wobbly wheel on the buggy (why don't they just fix those things or retire them!) and then fight my way in and out of those awful tight aisles just to realize while I'm strapping my seatbelt to leave that I just went way over my weekly budget and forgot the one thing that I really went in there for! I can't tell you the number of times that this has happened to me. That is why I now avoid Walmart like the plague.
I now shop at Tom Thumb around the corner and make a produce and fruit run at Sprouts every two weeks off of Marsh and Forest Lane. Yes it's a good drive to Sprouts but we use the HOV lane (another wonderful benefit of having children) and the savings is SO worth it to me!
Well I am planning on a Mom's night out with the girls tonight. It's always great to get some adult conversation with my friends. I looking forward to being able to hear their many stories about their children and husbands that mirror my own.


Stephanie said...

Hope yall had fun tonight - miss ya!!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Oh, can I so relate. Had fun with you gals last night.