Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting ready for camping

Well we made a run to Sam's today. I wanted to do it yesterday while Daddy could watch the boys for me when I went. But to be honest I just couldn't muster up enough strength!
It was a busy weekend trying to get all our camping gear together for next weekend. Sleeping bags, bug spray, lanterns, batteries, air mattress and all that kind of stuff. We are attempting our 1st ever camping trip with the boys. We decided to stay in a screened in shelter instead of having to get a tent for the trip. I am hoping the weather is nice for us while we are there. Oh, we are going to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. We were invited to go with another family that has two children of their own. I think the kids will have a blast out there. Too cold for swimming but there is a beach area for them to dig around in and also hiking and a couple of caves to check out.
We are hoping to purchase a pop up camper and plan some annual trips to Colorado in the fall time of the year. I think it would be a good investment with having two boys.
It's so lovely up there in the fall and you practically have the place to your self!
Fishing, hiking, canoing, or just hanging out to bask in the beauty of it all! As you can tell It's one of my favorite places that I have ever been! We loved it so much that one time we where seriously thinking about becoming some hired hands at a horse ranch up there! Can you believe that? But after much thought, we decided that the long winters would probably drive us crazy!
We could live with visiting it every once in a while :)
As for the boys, T-Bone has broke in his upper eye teeth! Yeah! It's always so much fun when he's cutting teeth ;) He is now starting to talk more which makes me happy. Bubby was such a early talker that I was sort of worried about T-Bone not talking as much at his age. But just like everything else they seem to be opposites! And he's got the cutest little voice!
Bubby has been busy keeping me busy! We brought T-Bone a new small Geo Trax train for him to have since he is not allowed to play with Bubby's train. I'm a believer in sharing but I also think that everyone should also have things that are theirs alone. So it's been really hard for him to not put his hands on his brothers new train set! But he's done well and I'm proud of him.
Daddy is doing fine but is busy at work today. That's what happens with deadline work! Seems like he's either really busy or he's got nothing to do but surf the web. For all of you that are not quite sure what he does, he is a PCB designer. It's fancy way of saying he designs circuit boards.
He's got gobs (is that a word?) of electronic experince that he gained while in the Service. It came in real handy when he was offered his current job. God has a way of providing!
Speaking of providing I better go and try to do some checkbook balancing while the boys are down for a nap!

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Stephanie said...

That picture T-Bone is just so stinkin cute. Yall have fun camping!