Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lazy day

Well today is just lazy. Nothing else. We all loaded up and made our bi weekly visit to Sprouts and picked up some fruits and veggies. We did manage to stop by our local donut place and pick up some piggy rolls and donuts holes first! It's owned by this wonderful Asian couple that speaks with this great Asian ascent! I do whatever I can to get them to say anything to me just to hear it. I sure do miss hearing my own mom's voice tinted with Japanese color. She was the best. I can remember when I was young hearing her voice deep in her chest while having my ear pressed against her. It was one of the most soothing sounds I have ever heard!
I'm laying low today. I really need to work out but a movie sounds better while the boys sleep :)
I've got to take T-Bone back for a check up on his ear that I injured while trying to flush the wax out of it tomorrow. When your mom tells you to put nothing smaller than a elbow in your ear, trust her! I do have some great news. T-Bones ears are clear and fluid free!!!! We where told to get tubes in his ears and have his adenoids removed since having so many sinus/ear infections. We were not too comfortable with this decision and I decided to look into it further. I really feel like he didn't have an infection every time I took him (just inflamed and fluid on his eardrum from allergies), so the Antibiotics where a wast of time and helped to keep him sick by taking ALL the bacteria (good and bad) out of his system. And by using antibiotics so often it can cause the bacteria strain to become stronger and harder to kill in his sinuses. I did not know this can happen. Ok enough on the medical lesson :) Anyway I decided that he was having common allergies and started treating him with an antihistamine daily and giving him probotics and irrigating his sinus twice a day. Well within days he was alot better and within weeks the fluid that was suppose to take months to go away was gone! Praise God for his wisdom! I'm very happy about this. I did not want my son to go to surgery.
Bubby is suppose to start Soccer Tots on Friday. He is taking a class with a good friend of his that is a month older than he. I can't wait! I have already bought him a soccer outfit :) I have a picture of him in it but it's not loaded on the computer yet (something that daddy needs to show me how to do). That away I can post some pics on my posts!
Well I suppose I need to decide on a movie or exercise :)

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