Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm blogging?

Well here I am. I can't believe that I am attempting to do something else in my life!
But having enjoyed reading my friends blogs I have decided to join in.
So far today has been busy with the usual glamor as most. Laundry, cleaning bathrooms and trying to keep the peace in the home and teach the art of sharing between my two sons, Bubby and T-Bone!
I'm figuring out that the skills of sharing and patience don't come easy. It's still a struggle at 44 so I can imagine it's a toughy at 3 and 17 months! But with God's grace we shall prevail!
With the weather not being contestant we are spending much time indoors for this time of the year. Yuck.
The sandbox and clubhouse is calling our names but Mr. Winter seems to have missed his train!
I am hoping that we will have at least a few weeks of mosquito free time before it gets too hot out there.
As of now, my oldest son Bubby is attempting to be a baby again by doing some sad bouncing in his brothers jumper. It looks something like a grasshopper stuck in a spiders web with those really long legs protruding out every which way! As for my youngest, he is wandering the house from room to room happy and equally as determined to find something that he is not suppose to have. I'm sure he'll reach his goal to then find sadness when mommy has to take it away. It's a vicious cycle.
Well I guess I'll end this thing for now and maybe the boys will get a nap and I'll workout for awhile. :)


The Joys of having Boys said...

Alright, welcome to the blog world. I can't wait to see what else you have to say....

Stephanie said...

Welcome to bloggy wonderland! I am excited to read about all your adventures!