Monday, April 14, 2008

The letter "J"

Ok this is yet another gripe. Yes I really like venting on this thing! It feels good. I don't want to come across as really negative but......
Anywhoo, did any of you notice something strange or different with the way the capital "J" appears in the English text these days? Take a good hard look at the j in the title and tell me what you see.
With homeschooling my elest son I am teaching him writing skills. While teaching him to write using some flash cards in our hooked on phonics box I noticed that the line is missing with the hook in the capital J! I thought "Wow, funny that they would make an error on a letter". I then remembered Grandma writing something with using the capital J and Bubby then corrected her (no line with the hook mommy) about it. I thought wow he knows the difference and I thought she was just using an artistic flare while writing it :)
Well I called Daddy to see if he knew anything about a "change" in the letter J. He didn't know of any. So then I decided to call my dear friend that we will call Aunt J on this blog. I knew that she would know since she is a fellow home school teacher and is a few years ahead of me. Well she told me the sad news that it is true. The letter J appears different than the olden days of before. Wow have we resorted to removing part of a letter to make things faster? I think that there is way too many "shortcuts" today in our society. You no longer need to sacrafice years of hard work and patience to become an actor/singer anymore. Just appear on a number of reality shows and your known around the world and a record deal to boot! Doesn't seem to matter whether or not you even have any self dignity either! We seem to be just as interested in watching you go down as watching you come up. Ahhh the mystery of all the old celebrities are now all gone. Yes, they where just as jacked up as todays but we just didn't know about it nor did we want to. We wanted to believe their lives were perfect. Ok I'm stepping off of this before I take to much of your time just venting :)
In short (no pun intended), I am hoping to teach my children the long form of life if you get my drift :) Life does not need to be easy to be enjoyed. For it to be rich with truth, wisdom and Godliness one must be willing to go the long, rough road. I pray I will set a good ex sample!

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The Joys of having Boys said...

That Aunt J is a smart cookie (*wink, *wink). LOL!!

I agree with your comment about being in a world of short cuts and as for my house we cross that J. Oh, look so does the computer well at least we know not everything has changed. :)