Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back from our camping trip

Well we made it back from our short two night stay in Turner Falls, OK. It was a nice trip. We managed a great weather day on Saturday and let the kiddos play on the beach by the water fall. We also did a short hike. I say short as the trail was not very pretty since suffering some flood damage last year and we just was not able to locate the river by it. So we turned around about 3/4 mile into it. But we did get a glance into nature in its natural surroundings. We spotted a beetle bug rolling a huge (compared to the beetle anyway) horse turd down the trail. Wow what determination. Of course Daddy Dude was so impressed we had to take some videos! What is it with guys and poop? Anyway it got me thinking "Was the poop round like a ball when he found it? or did the rolling help to crate that perfect circle?" Funny how slowing down makes your mind wonder.

I and the other mommy took the kiddos in shifts to take to the showers after the day was spent instead of trying bathing them all at one time. Whew that was some work. Both of mine did not seem to appreciate the treat of outdoor hygiene at all!

We spent Saturday night eating Jiffy pop pop corn while watching some kid DVD’s on our friend’s portable DVD player. Ahhhh roughing it while camping!
Anyway as I said we did have some great weather on Saturday but the nights were pretty chilly. Daddy Dude and I decided to put some small tents that we brought with us for the kids to play in up in the screened in shelter. It was a good call. Sunday morning about midnight the wind starting blowing in a cold front. Yikes. It got really cold and windy quick. And then rain. I was in one tent with T-Bone and Bubby next to me. It was like arms and legs all over me! T-Bone HAD to sleep right under my arm pit the whole night under the sleeping bag! And Bubby was all over that tent. To say the least I didn't get a whole lot of sleep between the howling wind and two kiddos! Daddy on the other hand was in his own little tent in front of the door in case something or someone wanted to get us during the night. Trust me, no one (human or animal) would be out in that nasty weather! Our poor friends was not as fortunate to have a tent so they spent most of the night in their truck! They were sweet enough to let us sleep in and waited for us to get up around 8 in the morning.

The place was great with great company to boot. But the time spent there was too short and there was so much more to do. The cold/wet weather sent us home a few hours early "( We hope to see the place again during off season. I still want to get a pop up or trailer for some trips to the beach, Colorado etc….. I’m not that big on the tents anymore. I’ve grown older and sure can feel it after sleeping on a cold air mattress after a few nights!


The Joys of having Boys said...

Those are some great pictures!!! I am glad that ya'll had fun, and that the weather cooperated a little anyways :)

Stephanie said...

Looks like yall had fun. Yall are uber campers!