Monday, March 16, 2009

The war wages on in the health front

Well I got some more news from my doctor today. It seems that my Lipid panel that was run in my blood work came back high. Tygliserades are over 400! Since turning forty I've notice a increase in that number when ever blood work was done. That's when I started taking garlic, fish oil and vitamin e supplements. It helped. But I stopped taking them in the last part of January a few weeks before getting the derma filler injections. It seems that they can increase the chance of bruising and swelling if you are taking them. I had a lipid panel ran last November for my Ob check up and the number was more that half that! So a long story made short my doctor wants to put me on another med called Vytorin to see if we can get it lowered. After reading about it I'm not too sure I'm going to give it a try. It can really cause some liver damage and I would need to be monitered every few months with bloodwork. Plus it can do some serious damage to you muscles. I already feel yucky from taking the Diovan for my blood pressure. I really thinking that a serious change in lifestyle is in order instead of doping up on drugs. I believe that with a good diet(something I don't do) and exercise (something that I already do) I can get this stuff under control, that is if my Echo stress test comes back good tomorrow. If it doesn't I'll have some serious thinking to do about my future health.
They say that if the test comes back with good results it's a safe bet that there is no heart problems yet.
You know I'm kind of upset when the doctors never had suggested eating good and getting some cardio exercise to me. Thier first suggestion is medication and I notice that the drugs that are being chosen are the most current kind in the market with samples to try them out. Beware of the pusherman! The story continues......................................

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