Thursday, March 19, 2009

A day at the Japanese Botanical Gardens

As a playgroup day during spring break, my friend Ms. T hosted a day at the Japanese Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. The weather was a great day to be outside. And most of the traffic appeared to be headed out towards the Zoo. We walked admiring the simple beauty of nature and the wonderful feeling of being in it. The sounds, smells and the sights of spring in the air!
After walking around the garden we found a nice spot under the big trees in the 4 seasons area and had a picnic. Bubby climbed (ok I helped him) his first tree and felt like the King of the trees. It was a proud moment for him and he did want it to end understandably. T-Bone ran like the wind with every step looking like he was going to stumble he was moving so fast but only did a few times. As always he wound brush himself on and continues on his journey not missing a beat. All the kids ran around the trees playing tag and having races after lunchtime. Then soon it was time to pack up and head homeward. Surprising no one took a nap heading home. Even me ")

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