Friday, March 20, 2009

My Father's Day Curriculum last day for Bubby

Well today is Bubby's last day in My Fathers World Kindergarten Curriculum. For our math curriculum we are using Math U See and we still have a few weeks till we wrap that up for this year. He has blown my mind with all the things that he has learned this year. It amazing just how much a 4 year old can retain. In the Curriculum he has learned the recognition, phonics, and writing skills of the alphabet. He has also began the skills of early reading. He has also learned about different subjects starting with each letter per week. We watched as his ant farm workers set up trails to make a home for themselves and his Painted Lady larvae went through different stages to become beautiful butterflies that we let go just a few days ago (He couldn't wait to set them free just like the ants, so they would be happy and free). We also learned about God's word and the simple truths and promises that he has given us if we are his children.
It been a fascinating year for us and he's made teaching him an easy task. He's been a great student and I'm looking forward to 1st grade next year. ")

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