Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hypertension meds

I'm on my third day of hypertension meds. I think I'm doing good compared to some.
The first day so far was the worse. Light headed, dizziness and some tingling in my feet. I just felt sedated. My pressure has gone down with each passing day. In some ways I feel better in another I don't. I'm hoping that the side effects will disappear in time as my body adjusts to the lower pressure and medication. I'm still fighting the fact of taking daily meds. I just don't like it. I feel like I feeding the big pharmaceutical monster.
I'm scheduled for an Echo Stress test next Tuesday morning, St. Patrick's day. (Did you know that that St. Patrick was not Irish?) They told me that I will get the results that day after the tests are completed and speak with the doctor.
I had plans to go out and dance with some of my girl friends this Saturday for my birthday. I asked my doctor about it yesterday and she gave me the clear. Yahoooo. I promised not to get too out of breath.
I was joking with Aunt J, one of my friends that is going that I would give her a list of my medications and some emergency numbers when we go out. ")

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