Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleeping big boy style

While Daddy and Bubby were out 4 wheeling today it came nap time for T-Bone. I ask if maybe he would like to nap on the couch while mommy watches some TV. He said no and wanted to sleep in bed. I couldn't believe it. Not sleep on the couch? He kept saying the word Bubby to me and pointing at the bedroom where they sleep. He was very excited about it.
When we got into the room he bounced into brother Bubby's big bed. Ohhh I figured it now.
So I gave him his woobie (blanket) and paci and tucked him in. I told him that he couldn't get out and he said ok mommy. He fell right to sleep and never got up until I told him that he could. Wow, sleeping in the big boy bed!
I guess it's time to take the top bunk bed off and put it on the ground next to Bubby. ")
Does that mean that I have to take the crib down now? Now wait a minute that thing hasn't been down since Bubby was in it. I'm having 2nd thoughts. ")

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