Saturday, March 28, 2009

A cold 4 wheeling day!

Well that cold front is here. Yikes it's cold. I reminded of a few years ago when another family and us went to Sea World in mid April in San Antonio. The first day was great the second not so great. During the night a bitter cold front came in leaving us in the cold and wet. We all ran to the closest Walmart like every other tourist in the area snagging up anything that looked cheap, warm and waterproof. It didn't help us out much. After unloading and attempting to walk across the parking lot we gave up on Sea World. Freezing and disappointed we headed to the closest Chuck E Cheese's to not make a waste of the whole day.
We ended up driving back home later that afternoon. While headed home we ran into a hairy snow storm. It was so bad that Daddy was having a really hard time seeing the road. I can remember pulling over to a station standing in the heavy snow fall looking at my friend J in amazement. It was mid April and snowing in Texas! Crazy.
Nothing new.
Daddy and Bubby bundled up with a lunch and headed for a 4 wheeling trip about 1 1/2 hours away. Hope they have a good time and keep warm. T-Bone and I are hanging low today. Just the two of us. Right now he's loving the time with mommy and the toys to himself but later he'll be missing Bubba pretty bad I'm sure. If it wasn't so cold out there we would make a day of it and maybe pay a visit to a museum in Fair Park. But having a warm quiet day at home sounds much better. ")

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The Joys of having Boys said...

Oh, how I remember that trip!! It was a blizzard in South Texas at that. What memories :)