Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bringing in 45 years in style

Well today I'm 45. Ugh. I can't say that I was looking forward to this one. I remember doing poorly on my 35th as well. It's like 5 years to 50! What's that about?
I'm young darn it and I'm staying that away too!
And it's also my 13th Wedding Anniversary too. Yes I got married on my Birthday. I have always said he was the best gift I ever got. We eloped in a way. We didn't tell our families just some close friends came to the Chapel. I was 2 hours late to my wedding! We kept getting lost over and over again. My friend was driving and I was a nut case in the passenger side. It was like that dream you can't get where you need to be. What a nightmare. It was like some evil force was at work. By God's grace we made it and my nerves melted the moment I saw Daddy Dude all dressed up in a tux waiting for me. I had NO second thoughts about what I was doing that day. It was an awesome day that brought us to today and I'm thankful.
So are you wondering what I got for my birthday? Well I got some wonderful flowers delivered from my boys today. And I consider my derma injections a gift too. Great 45th present don't you think. I might be asking for the same thing next year. ")
And my dear sweet doctor Paula thought about me too. She gave me a brand new prescription of hypertension pills. How thoughtful don't you think? Yes, I've been battling to keep my blood pressure down for a few years but it's winning so we have to try and do something. I HATE taking meds! Most seem to solve one symptom and cause many more. But I reached a place of a rock and a very hard place. If I don't get my pressure down I'm going not only increase my chance of a stroke or heart attack I'll damage my organs, and I kind of need those. As I stand now I am at stage one hypertension and that increases my chance of stroke/heart attack by 4 times. Yikes. Before prescribing my meds Dr. Paula decided to do an ECG because of some of the other symptoms I was complaining about. Well it didn't come back looking right compared to the one I did in 2003. So I'm off to do a Eco stress test to see if there is any heart damage from loss of blood flow or as they call it heart disease. Of course I'm hoping for good news. She told me to not exert myself until we get the results of my tests. She doesn't know what she's asking of me does she?
I took my first pill this morning. So far it's made me feel tired and I bit light headed. I hope that all I have to deal with until my body gets used to of the lower pressure. I read over 173 reviews for this med and some of those poor people went through some pretty awful side effects. My sister suffers with hypertension too. She started about the same time and very similar symptoms as me. She told me the same thing as the doctor, sometimes it takes a few different drugs to find the right one for you. Hope not for me. ")
So though I glad for been given another year I'm bumming about the getting old part. It's hard to avoid when it's hitting square in the eyes.
And yes I'm having a pity party theme this year. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

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The Joys of having Boys said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!! I know this has not been an easy couple of days. My prayers remain with you.