Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moving forward

Well the day has come that we are getting set up to do our banking/bill paying on line!
Since opening new accounts at our new bank and realizing that we could safely keep hackers at bay by making our wireless PC's no longer wireless. Tim has been laying Cat 5 and networking the house. Wondering what that is? Me too. Well it requires him going under and crawling around the crawl space under our house and drilling some holes in the walls! We then worked together by me banging on the floor to direct him where to drill and then feeding some wire through the hole with a rope. We then used that rope when he came back up to "feed" the cat 5 through the holes to make a connection to our internet box behind the TV. Whew.
Bubby as always was eager to help Daddy any way he was allowed and even scored a screwdriver in the deal (see picture)
I'm excited about not having to hassle with writing checks, stamps and then mailing in time for them to be paid in a timely fashion. Since it's so very easy to hack into a wireless system it has always prevented us from moving forward into the technical future. ") So now I can do my bank statements weekly online instead of waiting for my monthly statement to come in. We also have set up an account to get direct deposit and then I will just transfer the funds into my regular checking account so that no one has "access" to our monies. It's a sad truth that with things moving forward making things more "convenient" we have created a whole new criminal.
Again, I am thankful for a husband that seems to be able to do anything that is needed around here! Thanks Daddy Dude for helping to make things easier for me around here! Kiss.

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