Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday playgroup

Well today we all (well most of us) loaded up and traveled to the Fair grounds to see some stuff in the museums. We all had a good day though it might have been alot of work to get ourselves out there! The cool air conditioning was nice and the kids really enjoyed themselves running and touching everything in sight. Let's face it, summers here. I really don't like the heat. Never have.
Well I didn't care too much when I spend my days at the city pool with my friends when I was younger. But now, forget it. I also have a weakness for any kind of museum. I not sure where it came from but I LOVE them. I can remember going to a wood museum in Beavers Bend one time and diggin it. I suppose my idea of a great day would be lunch and a museum.
Anyway we had a great day out there. Bubby of course did not want to leave at all. He never wants to leave anywhere and if he does he is really really tired. T-Bone ran around some but didn't understand that we had to keep moving through the museum. He is at a age when he has those lovely temper tantrums. They are very short, thank goodness. He throws himself on the floor and kicks. Refusing to get up and walk. So when that happens he gets to sit back in the stroller and looses the privilege of being free to roam. He's a smart fella, he figures it out soon enough.
I've done really well with ignoring his tantrums. He can scream, kick and fall on the floor and it does nothing for him. If he's in my way, I just move around him. So he just kind of stops and moves on. In the past if they did last for a while he would get a time out so that kind of nipped that one in the bud. Yes, time outs. His been getting them since he's been able to crawl. Don't be fooled, they understand. Personally I think it's hard for them to be skipping along life's road with no problems and then one day it's different and the hammer comes down. I think it's asking for trouble ") Bubby on the other hand is a different story. A close to four year old has a better memory than a one year old and holds on to a disagreement a bit longer. It can be tricky.
Well we all brought lunches and ate outside on a picnic table. One of the ladies brought a table cover for us (thanks T "). It was nice. We did go back in and tooted around for one last time before leaving. The moms even got involved. How could you pass up the bubble exhibit?
Another successful playgroup completed.

We had leftover spaghetti tonight which explains that last photo of T-Bone, Yum.

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