Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Teething" will it ever end?

As you see by the title my little T-Bone is cutting his lower incisors. He'll only have two more to go after this (2nd molars) and we are done! For both of us it couldn't happen soon enough.
Both of my boys turned into some kind of cranky space aliens when they were cutting teeth. My low key, happy faces turn into wet, soggy unhappy faces. It's sad sight to see.
Bubby started teething late (10 months) and took FOREVER! He would cut a set and then we would have to wait a month or two till something else would show through those swollen red gums.
But for T-Bone it seems like he cutting something all the time! You know the routine, clingy, throw a fit on the floor, crying, not eating, not sleeping and passing some of the most smelly poop in their lifetime kind of time!
Other than using some teething tabs and maybe some Iboproven at night we just wait it out and hope that time passes quickly. I miss my little boy and hope to see him soon again!

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