Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great night out with some friends

Well some of my mom friends in my playgroup got together last night for a "girls night out".
We had decided to attend the 2008 Dallas Art fest with a wine stroll. Thought that since most of us seem to enjoy good wine and art we could combine the two and get some outdoor time as well.
We ended up getting a few glasses of wine and eating some small but yummy portions of grub while sitting back sharing our lives, stories and opinions. When we had our fill we decided to do some strolling to see art that was set up in booths up and down the walk. I won't lie. It was hot. No not just hot, but humid. So after a while we decided to leave and seek some cool shelter. We ended up in a restaurant in Deep Elm that had a great staff and a house band. I really enjoyed myself.
Funny how you can know someone for a while but not really take the time to sit and listen to them.
These ladies are my friends and I feel grateful to be able to not only know them but to share our lives with each other.
I always come back from a moms night out feeling refreshed and with a better understanding of how blessed I am to have a family to come home to!
Husband waiting, children sleeping, it's a good thing.

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