Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers Day

Well I guess you could say that my Mothers Day really began Saturday. I went for an hour and twenty minute full body massage! Yep, that’s good stuff for a mom!

After that I went to the cemetery to leave a balloon in remembrance of my own mom.

She was the BEST mom ever! She was a soft spoken, patient woman, with the uncanny ability to make friends with anyone and was awesome at hospitality. She could break me with a look and not say a word! Did I tell you that she was awesome?

Back to my Mothers day. Well Daddy Dude then made two rib eye steak dinners for our dinner.

Massage and dinner, sounds like a good day to me!

Sunday we all went to eat lunch at a great Chinese buffet around the corner and then went to the Ranger game. Daddy got some awesome tickets from work. We were SO close to the action that we couldn’t take our eyes off of the game in case a ball flew by! It was a bit scary but exciding too.

This was a first baseball game for both boys and they loved it. T-Bone didn’t fuss once and even took a small nap in my arms while Bubby and Daddy went tooting around the ball park to check it out. For mom’s day I got a cool Ranger baseball cap for free coming to the game. It was a bit hot in the sun but a very nice lady that worked the park invited us to stay in some cooler seat in the shade. It was great day at the ball park!

We stayed until the 8th ending and decided to beat the crowd going home.

Oh and to boot Daddy Dude got me an iPod! Cool huh? I thought so too! Now I’ve got some tunage on! Both Daddy and the boys also got me a sweet card and some lovely peach tulips that are just starting to bloom.

I also got the boys a small gift and let them open it at the restaurant. I wanted to let them know that without them I wouldn’t have a Mothers Day!

Happy Moms Day!

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The Joys of having Boys said...

Awesome, sounds like a great day.