Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cutting hair and grass

Today was haircut day for the boys. Since cutting Daddy's hair for several years I decided to start cutting the boys hair as well. I don't really mind doing it for the most part but it seems like their hair grows like a weed. So I feel like someone is always due for a cut. Daddy hair is fairly easy to cut and I know how to do it pretty good though sometimes I get carried away and cut it a bit short. As for Bubby's, his is SO easy. He now is able to sit still in front of the tube and let me get it done. Since it's so curly, it's a breeze to cut. I just take off a few inches all around and we are done.
T-Bone's hair on the other hand is a bit tricky for me. It's thick very straight and has more than a handful of cowlicks all over the place. I have to be honest and say that I am never really happy with the way I cut it. It ends up looking like a fluffy baby chicken on top with some scagily looking bangs in front! I think that I need to go have it cut at a salon and see how they would do it. I'm a very visual learner and can do it if I see it done. Well today I was brave (or not too bright) and decided to do a fade cut on the sides. With Daddy's much needed help in the restraining area I got the clippers and comb and got busy. The end results? Well maybe not too bad for a first time but still kinda chickeny on top and the sides don't "fade too well. T-Bone seemed to be happy with it. With so much gone from the sides I sort of teared up at the sight of it. (One of the main reasons that I started to cut Daddy's hair, since it seemed imposable for a barber to not scalp the man! ) I ALWAYS cry at the sight of a short hair cut even when it's not my own. Then my little Bubby man speaks out and says "Mommy what a great haircut!". I smiled with tears in my eyes and the moment passed. Daddy's next but the barber is taking a break for now maybe the shop will open later. ")
On another note we are trying to make a decision whether or not to "retire" our lawn mower. As most of you know I enjoy doing yard work (most of the time). I have been using the same mower since Daddy and I got married (12 years). It's a great mower and I have always had it in my mind that I would run to the ground before giving it up. Well we might have reached that point now. While mowing the front yard this past week the other hand bar broke in two. Thankfully I was almost finished. The other side had broken a few months back and repaired with zip strips and good ole duct tape! You can see what's left with my handy work in the picture above.
I've been keeping my eye out on Craig's list for a new one but nothing as of yet and my grass is growing by the second. I think Daddy going to try and do a repair. Maybe put a metal rod inside the two pieces and then drill a hole in both sides and use bolts to keep the rod still. We'll see.
Part of me wants a nice new mower but I sure hate to see my long time buddy go!
With so much anticipation, I'm sure to keep everyone posted on what happens!


The Joys of having Boys said...

Yeah, that is a sad little mower!!

I think T-Bone's hair looks great, that is something I have never tackled.

Stephanie said...

T-Bone's is looking so grown up! Sniff Sniff...all of our kids are!

That mower is beyond retiring - but if anybody can make it work it is yall...