Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News about the mower

Well the mower has been retired. Daddy has come through!
We have spent several days looking on Craig's list with nothing to show for it. This morning I told Daddy that I didn't care whether or not he repaired the old one or got us another one but by the looks of the length of the grass something had to be done before the city tagged us!
Well after some thought he decided to give his mom a call and just see if by chance she might have a spare one to sell us. Well great news she not only had one but it's self propelled like the old one! Yeah Grandma!Though she didn't "sale" it to us she did tell Daddy to come and borrow it and just not return it. Yeah Grandma again!
So here is some pics of the new beauty. Hope we share a long life together ")

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Stephanie said...

Yeah - no more duck tape (for now anyways)!