Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our new (well new to us) pop up camper

Well as you can see by the above picture, we are now proud owners of a 1999 Coleman Utah pop up camper. After scanning Craig's list, Dallas Morning News and green sheet for a few months we finally able to snag one before anyone else could get it. I never would have thought that they would have such a high demand! They sell like hotcakes! We spent alittle more than we wanted but it was a great price for what it is. It's also huge and we did do some nail bitting on the way home wondering if we could get it through our gate and into a good position in the back yard. Well after much sweat and teamwork we figured it out. Even our neighbors came by to encourage and offer help.
So now what? Well after we recover from pushing it around in the backyard we hope to do some looking/cleaning in it and make it "ours".
As I said before, we got a great deal for what it is. It has two king size beds and slide out dining area for more room. The dining table and another bench area can be made into beds as well. It could sleep 4 adults and 3 children comfortably. It has an indoor and outdoor cook top, refrigerator, sink and a potty and a shower too. And of course a Texas must, an air conditioner! The previous owners was kind enough to give us everything in it but the boom box. Dishes, blankets, fan, microwave, tools and some other camping necessaries. They are in the process of moving and downsizing. Since their kids have grown they know longer had use for it. They were very kind and took alot of time explaining and showing us how to use it. Something we really needed. ")
We hope to use it for a long time with the boys in the great outdoors!
We are pooped. We had gone out to Terrell and looked at another one before seeing this one. It was a very long day for us and the boys. Alot of driving. Daddy and I plan on kicking back and drinking some nice cold beer and maybe some fast food for a late night dinner!


Stephanie said...

Nice - I am very curious about these pop up campers ;) I hope yall have lots of fun using it!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Ya'll got one too. I think it will come in handy for any trip. Are you sure it doesn't at lease sleep 5 kids though??? LOL

4funboys said...

wow... what great opportunities you'll be having to make some funnnnn memories.